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The Lotorp Method

This treatment mode is known as Thoracic Mobilisation and was created by the massage therapist Janne Karlsson from Lotorp, Sweden. Hence the name "The Lotorp Method". The treatment is used to help persons with respiratory problems such as asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease and breathing problems due to allergies to perfumes and chemicals.


The patients that have been treated with the method are of both sexes and range between twenty and seventy-five years. Many suffer from stress related symptoms as well as physical and mental exhaustion. The group which is increasing most is however the group of persons with respiratory problems, asthma, persistent cough and other respiratory ailments such as those resulting from allergy.
The number of patients with chronic obstructive lung disease is also increasing steadily.

Symptoms which these patients commonly complain of

Heavy breathing, difficulty in getting air.
The need to often take deep breaths.
Cough, cough with phlegm, frequent need to clear ones throat.
A sensation of tightness of breathing.
Chest pain.

"Unexplainable" symptoms which patients commonly complain of

"Pins and needles" in their fingers.
Irritation of the eyes.
Stomach problems, distended abdomen, wind.
Cold hands and feet.

Common triggers of these problems

Tobacco smoke.
Perfume and diverse chemicals.
Mental stress.
Physical activity.
These are only a few examples since the list is long...

How the massage therapist can help with these problems

The aim with thoracic mobilisation is to create a state of relaxation and increased flexibility of the ribcage, thus promoting a more efficient and deeper breathing in the lungs. The massage therapist does this by treating the muscles involved in breathing, for example the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles. Of these Janne Karlsson believes that the intercostal muscles are of most importance.
This external treatment influences breathing in a positive way. A very important part of a treatment is when the massage therapist helps the patient to fully exhale and thereby fully empty the lungs of old air containing much carbon dioxide. It is important to remember here that this might be the first time in a very long time that these patients REALLY exhale and empty there lungs!
Another important part of a treatment is teaching the patient to exhale properly and instruct them in exercises they can do at home between treatments. These exercises are designed to train the patient in using the correct muscles at the correct times during a breathing sequence to get a more efficient exhalation.


The positive effects of treatments is often very obvious and direct. Often patients notice a great difference immediately, they are unbelievably relieved and happy and feel that the can breath easier. They experience a sensation of heat and of "pins and needles" in lips, fingers and feet. They often get flushed, a little dazed and dizzy. All of these are signs that they are very well oxygenated!
It is interesting to observe that the results of treatments stay in effect for about at least fortyfive minutes. Long term follow-ups of results also point in a very positive direction.

Patient experiences

Our statistics so far shows that ALL patients treated with the Lotorp Method reports an improvement in their general condition after treatments. A large portion report that their problems have completely disappered and that they are now symptom free and do not need to use any medicines.
The more problems patients have the more pain they usually experience during their first treatment. Stiffness (like that experienced after physical training) and tender muscles are common side effects of treatments. Usually the treatments become less painful after each session.
It is worth mentioning that the Lotorp Method also alleviates problems with stomach catarrh and frequent belching, problems to which patients with the above mentioned symptoms are often prone.